I met Sara and Deina at my former workplace. They’d come in and show us pictures of their new puppy, which we would squeal over. I mean, look at these guys. Can you blame us? BOTH of their babies are absolutely adorable. So I practically begged them to let me photograph them all. I’m not […]

We had my brother’s Celebration of Life June 23rd. Family from all over, from Washington to Indiana to Colorado, came to laugh and cry together and remember Chris. Even his ex-wife and her family came, which meant more to our family than we could ever possibly put into words. It’s a constant struggle. We miss […]


Margie Turns 2!

My husband¬†and Adam go all the way back to high school, to their competitive racquetball days. So, luckily, Katherine and Adam were my first friends when I moved to Kansas City. We were neighbors for years, and have easily spent hundreds of nights celebrating life together. Plus, Kat introduced me to the importance of nail […]

This is a hard blog to write. My little brother, Chris, took his own life April 8 of this year. The last two months have been complete turmoil. Anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide knows that every single day is a roller coaster of emotion, from anger to devastation, denial to fear […]

Eric and Eri are part of our original Kansas City, MO group. They started dating about seven years ago, and got married this past January. These two are trendsetters, starting the westward expansion of our friend group when they moved to Denver five years ago.¬†Throughout our years of friendship, we have gone on European adventures […]

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